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Improv The Change

2-4 Hour Programs for Nonprofits, Fundraisers, Prison Programs, Schools & Colleges

Improv Your Mind

Our flagship 1-2 Day Personal Development Program designed around the observations and breakthroughs of Improv

Improv Business

Training Programs

Corporates, Associations, Small Business Teams

To Date, We Have Impacted The Following Businesses Through Improv:

Improv Your Life & 'C' What Happens...

Can Positively Impact:

  • Effective Leadership
  • Better Communication
  • Team Building
  • Greater Trust
  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Sales Abilities (Turn Objections Into Acceptance)
  • Employee Engagement
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Improved Focus & Productivity
  • Change Management

Our Improv

Training Programs

Simple Answer: IMPACT!

Why Invest In Improv?

There are many skills you simply can not learn by watching or listening to someone talk about it, even if they are a world renowned expert! While ‘Improv’ or improvisation is often associated with comedy, it is considered to be one of the most effective ways to educate, entertain, engage and empower dramatic behavior change.

Improv Inspires training programs can dramatically impact and improve the way your leadership, management, employees communicate. Improv can cut through conflicts and break down team barriers. Improv excites the imagination and sparks latent creativity.

Transforming Lives One Laugh At A Time… 

Listen to What Attendees Have To Say

The Science of Laughter:

There are so many health benefits of laughter, including increased immune system, healthy function of blood vessels which reduces the risk of heart attack, increased oxygen in the system, and reduces stress.… all of this leads to less sick days in the office and more productivity.

Also, science says that laughing after waking up can have the same effects as drinking a cup of coffee. It can wake us up and it sparks more creativity. Laughing together creates a safe environment, which creates a sense of support and well being. This creates better community in the workplace.

Laughing can create an instant bond between individuals.

When you laugh as a group or with someone else, we feel a natural connection to those people and it can alleviate some of the social stress that being around new people might create.

Why Improv for Impact

Over 25 years of experience leading improv workshops for corporates, entrepreneurs, educational facilities, and special events we have discovered how to identify habits and create a truly transformational experience.

In leading groups and organizations, we create self awareness in a safe and fun environment, creating accelerated learning and change that stays with the company and individuals that becomes new automatic habits. Combining new ideas plus motor skills with laughter has many hidden benefits that your team will love! Learn effective communication via all modalities, verbal, physical and emotional to understand and respond to the information you are receiving. This results in creative conflict resolution, supporting others, creating better teams, and improving interpersonal skills.

Start With Desired Impact AND...

We have hundreds of Improv games and exercises, not to mention every player brings their own uniqueness, which makes every Improv session uniquely hilarious and impactful.

We start by working with our clients to determine the “Desired Impact”, the number of people, budget and time logistics. We then select games that will best meet the desired impact within the constraints of the logistics and budget.

Here’s just a few of the games and the impact they create:



Shrinking Scene

Space Jump

Name Circle

Once Upon A Time

Paper Chase

What are you doing?

Prioritize relevant facts/time management

Team Building, Innovation, Sharing Responsibilities, Supporting New Leadership, Builds Leaders

Restrictive Habit Awareness, Team Support, Conflict Resolution

Group Dynamic, Team Building, Mental Flexibility, Quick Thinking

Accepting new ideas and implementing them quickly and effectively

Quick reflex thinking while using both sides of your brain at the same time


We are all aware of the quote most associated with Gandhi "Be The Change You Want to See In The World" (even though Gandhi never actually said it)… nonetheless, it’s a great wonderful quote… but that’s just the problem… it’s a technically unrealistic to do quote.

Don’t believe us… try it.

However, we decided to create our own version of the quote, and give us a couple of hours and we’ll prove to you how to "Improv The Change You Want To Be… or Not Be" in the world.

The 'Improv The Change' Program can be fully customized as 2-4 hour program for schools, colleges, prison programs and non-profit fundraisers.

Tell us the impact and change you want to create, let us improv the rest.

Here’s Just A Few Reasons You Might Want to Improv The Change:

  • Cognitive Processing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Connection
  • Creativity
  • Charisma
  • Clarity
  • C what you can change and improv in your life!

Just to name a few 'C' that our clients have been able to change for the better.

Program For Schools, Colleges, Non-Profit Fundraisers & Prison Impact Program


Flagship 1 & 2 Day Life Transformation Improv Based Workshop

Tired of sitting in seminar rooms, listening to what and how you need to work on mindset?

Yeah… we felt the same way… and thus we created the our flagship program, ‘Improv Your Mind’, which is the funniest and fastest way to improve mindset and create behavior change (in our humble opinion).

Why sit in a room with us for 1 to 2 days… OK, first, you won't be sitting for long, with that said, here’s why:

  • Self aware in personal communication
  • Resolve conflicts easier and in a more joyful way
  • Improve innovative, creative thinking and creative problem solving
  • Learn to develop strategic thinking and decision making
  • Discover your own limiting thoughts that hold us back from success and how to
    improv breakthroughs on demand (you will see and experience this first hand!)
  • Be empowered in your initiatives, while simultaneously learning to support others.
  • Creating a more joyful and productive environment through supported expression
    and laughter.

Attend one of our events or host your own event and we will be happy to facilitate.

They Laughed So Hard, They Just Had To Share Their Experience....

Your Improv Team

Jamie Honey

Jamie Honey is a big hearted, larger than life edutainer who had taught and facilitated Improv for many large organisations such as Warner Brother Movie World, Gold Coast Screen Academy, Phoenix Rising School, Universal Studios Japan and many more. Jamie is a light hearted Australian.

A graduate of Graduate of Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Jamie stumbled upon acting and drama while in high school. He was one of 30 people, from 5000 selected to attend the prestigious drama and acting program offered at QUT, and it was here he discovered his talent and interest in comedy and improv.

It was this interest in laughter that eventually led to his interest in the science and benefits of ‘happiness’, emotional intelligence and mindset training. Jamie has trained with renowned experts such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gerry Robert, and Brian Nieves …. infused personal growth into improv comedy.

Jamie is recognized by his peers for being a master sales tactician and is sought after by many of the worlds leads sales organizations to close ultra high end products and programs and teach others to break down limiting beliefs. When he is not transforming lives through improv and laughter, you might catch him falling off a ten story building… yup, he’s also been an international stunt actor!

Co-Founder, CIO, Chief Improv Officer

Amy Honey

Co-Founder & CTO, Chief Transformation Officer

Amy Honey is pull no punches, powerhouse speaker and trainer in the areas of customer engagement, body language, behavior modification and habit transformation. She has extensive background in high ticket sales, and is known by her peers as a powerful closer.

Amy is passionate about helping girls and women find their courage, just as she had to learn do starting at the age of 16, when she found herself alone and independent. Through her own resourcefulness she put herself through school, graduated high school. At age 20, she became a single mom, and chose to put her families welfare first, while overcoming numerous obstacles in an unreceptive market place. It was during these life challenges and entrepreneurial journey she crosses paths with personal development, and her passion for speaking and training.

Her passion for personal growth, travel and transforming lives has taken Amy all over the world, helping people transform their lives through behaviour observation and habit change.

Amy and Jamie were independent world travelers, discovering the nuances of success from many cultures. Their powers combined exploded into many entrepreneurial understandings for having your habits work for you and not against you.